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Season 1

Ben Matthews Lea Rosema Ilithya Adam Kuhn Shannon Crabill

Ben Matthews

Hi, I'm a generative artist with a love for geometry and patterns.

Tree Generator V2

This project is the second iteration in a series of projects on procedurally generating trees (first version here: https://codepen.io/tsuhre/pen/gmabBa). The goal of this project was to make a tool that would let 3d designers and game developers quickly create many different types of texturable trees and shrubs for building diverse environments.

The algorithm under the hood is very straightforward and simply relies on a series of "random walkers" which amble about in 3d space to extrude the branches of the tree.

Lea Rosema

State of my brain


Creative developer, designer, digital artist... you name it.   Hamburg, Germany

Video presentation of ilithya.rocks

Check it out for real: ilithya.rocks

The design of my site is focused on the type of work I want to do in the future. I started exploring 3D on the web and generative art in the summer of 2019 and fell in love with it. I am currently interested in creating emotional and interactive experiences with technologies like JS, webGL, and GLSL.

I listen mostly to alternative rock music on almost a daily basis, so this and my passion for illustration and street art were definitively a big inspiration for the concept and design I came up with my site.

Adam Kuhn

Creative front end developer and interface animation enthusiast.   St Petersburg, FL


Built my first actual paid freelance site in between touring jaunts with my punk rock band circa 1999. Exited tech for a while, rediscovered my passion by chance over a decade later and haven't looked back. Constantly inspired by generative art, creative UI and the outdoors.

Shannon Crabill

Software engineer with a love for Javascript, CSS and documentation.   Baltimore, MD

Bubble Wrap

I was participating in a #7Day7Websites challenge and the idea came to me in the middle of the night. With everything going on, a mindless task like popping bubble wrap can be a nice distraction. I wanted to keep the muscle memory of building with React, so I used it with local state to keep track of the status of each bubble. It was a fun, quick project and I look forward to doing more.

Bubble Wrap live: http://shannoncrabill.com/bubble-wrap

Blog post with more info: http://shannoncrabill.com/blog/bubble-wrap