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Season 4

Angela Galliat Mehdi Vasigh Natalia Szafraniec Nikolaus Baumgarten Cassie

Angela Galliat

Web Unicorn 🦄 🌈 | 🍪 | Crazy Hacker Woman @ 🏡 | she/her   Hamburg, Germany

QR Code generator with Lego bricks

Mehdi Vasigh

Sr Engineer at Mailchimp; loves SVG, CSS, Rust, JS and creative coding   Atlanta, GA

Cube Life

As a web developer, I love SVGs because they represent images expressed as living documents. I also love algorithmic art and emergent behavior, and Conway's Game of Life is an example of that. I wanted to create "life" in a living image by creating a 3D environment within an SVG image and letting the game play out on the surface, and this was the result!

Natalia Szafraniec

Front-end developer   Cracow, Poland

Generative SVG + animation w/ GSAP and React

I wanted to combine two things I recently got into: generative SVGs and Greensock. My main focus however was on making React components work with multiple gsap timelines. The result is a randomized garden with a surprisingly soothing animation.

Nikolaus Baumgarten


Infinite Zoom

I have created several infinitely zooming paintings like Zoomquilt, Zoomquilt 2 and Arkadia. Here I am exploring the concept with shapes generated through code. Infinite Zoom was first created as a Live Wallpaper for Android and later ported to WebGL.


Creative developer & bestower of animation superpowers at GreenSock.   Brighton

Pure nonsense

One of my favourite parts of living in Brighton is how creative it is here. Every year the city gets taken over by Brighton Digital Festival, nerds and creativity everywhere you look.

As part of that festival some mates had made a 3d scanner using an xBox Kinect – I got a scan of myself made and a tiny 3D me printed.

Armed with my little me, I decided it was a good time to try out three.js, and this is the result. A more performant variation of this pen was the background on my first ever website too!

There are a lot of things commented out but left in. I was super new to coding and terrified of deleting bits that were working and then needing them again later. 😅

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